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Tarek Heggy - An Egyptian Creative liberal intellectual, One of the most quoted Arab thinkers on the web.


This is the site of the Egyptian liberal intellectual Tarek Heggy - one of the most quoted Arab thinkers on the web.

“Tarek Heggy is one of the most creative and prolific writers in the Arab world. His writings probe the political and social limits and present a refreshing message of self-reliance that challenges the prevailing sense that regional ills are largely made abroad”. ( Professor Shibely Telhami, Maryland University, USA ).

“Heggy is the most systematic social critic currently active in Egypt”. (Emmanuel Sivan).

"Tarek Heggy is an encyclopedic reader in all fields of knowledge, a writer, intellectual and political analyst, a man of letters and an artist who has developed deeply into the vast seas of literature and art, an international petroleum expert and a politician". ( Kamal Al-Mallakh)

TV Interviews
-An interview with AL-Hurra
-Al-Hurra Programme on Democracy in Egypt
-Al-Mehwar Programme on Democracy in Egypt
-A-Mehwar Interview
-The BBC/Doha Debate
-Tarek Heggy's Interview with Elaph
-Extracts from 14 Interviews

English Essays
-Essays on Religion & Politics in the Middle East.
-Essays On the Arab Mind.
-Essays on Democracy.
-Essays on Modernity.
-Essays on Society, Economy, Culture & Education.
-The Imperative Fall of Socialism.

About Tarek heggy
Tarek Heggy is both a leading liberal political thinker in the Arab world and International Petroleum Strategist. His work advances the causes of modernity, democracy, tolerance...

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